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Four advantages

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Product introduction
  • Full performance, easy to operate. Computer control, only need to change the processing parameters input data can be in the computer control; multi axis linkage, has the characteristics of simple, flexible, efficient, fast and accurate automatic automatic indexing.
Product function
  • As the cylinder sensor is mainly based on the upper and lower devices, the utility model is changed into a numerical control mechanical device,More convenient adjustment, lower failure rate.
  • For the brake pads manufacturersTechnical upgrading, increase production efficiency, optimize the workThe great gospel of the environment.
corporate culture
  • To serve the country industry, to win innovation; to the quality
  • Cast international brands, build a century enterprise
  • Integrity of the enterprise, innovation Liye; honest people.
  • 1、Service tenet: fast, accurate, thoughtful and thorough
  • 2、Service objectives: to win customer satisfaction with quality
  • 3、Service objectives: to win customer satisfaction with quality
  • 4、Service principle: warranty free repair and replacement

Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd Hubei

Hubei Deyizhi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2014, mainly producing high-end equipment with independent intellectual property rights and full-automatic multi-function series of numerical control brake pads. At present, there are more than 150 customers at home and abroad who have bought and used the products, and the customers sincerely welcome them!....