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Pooch Hike is a dog walking / hiking, pet sitting that serves Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, Downtown and Hollywood.

We donít walk our pet clients, we let them walk us. We of course hold the leash and keep them safe, but we  let them show us where they want to go. We do not rush or pull them. The walk is tailored it to their needs. To them every scent has a story, it is like reading a book, so we allow them to explore, smell and fully enjoy it every step of the way.

During our visits, we will make sure the water is fresh, feet them if it is required, and  administrate medication including injections. 

  Our goal is to help fulfill your dogís need for exercise, adventure and leadership, providing him with an activity that will stimulate him mentally and physically, to help him become a happier and well-balanced dog.

Your petís happiness is our business.
We absolutely love what we do and cherish every little client.
Please call us any time! 

" Your peace of mind and your pet children's  happiness and health are the most important thing to me !"


 "I am first of all a pet mother, so I understand how much it means to be able to go to work and not worry about your pet child. 

My pet children are my life and everyone that knows me, knows that to love me is to love them. :)

I love my work and  my pet clients! I am professional, reliable, trustworthy and I conduct business with honesty and integrity. 



The benefits of a daily dog walk, hike, dog park play or exercise is so important because they keep your dog healthy, happy and more relaxed. The socialization makes them more comfortable out in the world around them, and a relaxed and less stressed dog is less likely to act out at home when they are alone. 

Not fun for the poor puppy pal stuck inside all day while you go to work. Can you imagine what it must be like to not get a single chance all day to go outside and really sniff the pavement?

So if you do not have the time, we are here to help. :)