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We hired Alina about a year ago to care for our three dogs: Scout, Kip and Ella. Having 3 crazy dogs and living in the middle of downtown LA, it seemed very difficult to find someone to help walk our dogs everyday and to dog sit while we were out of town.   We were also extremely worried about going to work and leaving them alone in our place for the whole day. Alina had provided dog walking services for my sister who also had three dogs and we knew that she was the right person to help us.

When I first met Alina, I liked her right away because she seemed to get along very well with my sisters dogs and immediately bonded with ours.  

In the year that she has worked for us, I have found her to be extremely reliable and trustworthy.  She is also very accommodating with changes in schedule and always returned my phone calls/texts promptly.  Many of my neighbors have told me they have seen her with our dogs on long walks around the neighborhood.  She always sends me a text about her visit and has let me know a few times at work when one of our dogs seemed ill or not himself.  

I feel she truly cares about animals and is genuinely concerned about their well-being.  Both my boyfriend and I would highly recommend her as a dog walker and pet sitter.
Sincerely, Eleanor
I am pleased to give my whole hearted recommendation to Alina from Pooch Hike.  She has been indispensable in helping me in taking care of my oh so temperamental terrier, Cindy.  Donít get me wrong, she is a great dog but she does not play well with others, except Alina.  I know because I have been through a couple of other dog walkers who just did not work out.  Since I work so much, Cindy has probably spent as much or more time with Alina and becomes ecstatically overjoyed whenever she comes by.  Not being in great shape myself, I am unable to give Cindy the kind of robust workout that Alina does.  Between helping me improve Cindy's diet and the vigorous exercise, Cindy has lost weight and is in the best shape I have seen her in in years.  The really amazing thing is that Alina can give Cindy a bath and a haircut without her freaking out.  She doesnít charge me an arm and a leg either.

The bottom line is that I trust Alina with Cindy and that is the most important thing.

Sincerely, Michael Jank






Alina has been walking and sitting for my Chihuahua for about two years. My Sweetie is 7 years old and I had other pet sitters before, but Alina is one special sitter. Sweetie does not like just anybody but she absolutely loves Alina. She is very knowledgeable about caring for pets, nutrition, training, administrating medication and even injections when needed. She is very attentive and displays a lot of love for her work. She is always prompt and even in short notice she always helped me when I need her. I leave town often and when she does overnights, I find the place cleaner then I left it and my Sweetie happy and well taken cared for.

Your pet/pets will be in great hands with Alina. I highly recommend Alina and her business.

Best regards, Ricardo P.W.




Best pet sitter/walker around! Has genuine love for animals...is also a very kind, caring and thoughtful person and very trustworthy...I'm comfortable with Alina in my house and around my personal property...very hard to find that in LA.

Bests, Arz Yus